What styles and finishes do you want to see when out shopping for furniture?

What styles are trending, and what do people see applicable to their own home? 

That is just what Habegger Furniture will be searching for over the next couple of days. 

Twice a year retailers from all over head out to North Carolina to see what is new from each manufacturer and what they want to offer their clients. We work hard to bring you a fabulous representation of what is out on the market place. We look over the companies to find those that offer the quality and value that you have come to trust from Habegger Furniture.  

 So far we are finding that it is all about texture, and mixing it in from all different areas such as in leather, fabrics, wood grains, rugs, and wall decor. We are seeing an array of Metallics in all different finishes, colors and patterns for that added depth in your space, and wood accents with texture galore. 
We cannot wait to share our findings with you… And help you incorporate the new looks into your space. 

Check back for updates on our findings at the 2015 Hight Point Fall Market.


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