What gets us excited???

Wow! We are so excited about the changes on our showroom floors. Both of our locations have seen a major change in our inventory. We are showing items new to our floor as well as top sellers in new and updated fabrics. This is the time of year that feels like Christmas to us as we continue to bring trending collections on our floor.

With the Holiday season fast approaching many of us are thinking of where we will be hosting gatherings with family and friends. At Habegger Furniture we have our floors stocked with the latest styles and finishes available in dining, with the majority of our options being very custom.live edge

To the right you will see one of our latest additions. The live edge has been a showstopper  that can be used in all sorts of applications. We love how this table is a built in conversation piece. Let us know what you think….

This table is available in many different wood species, sizes, and finishes. This is truly a look that can be utilized in many different applications. Whether rustic, industrial or modern, the right selection and this table can be the showstopper in your home as well.


We are always excited when we bring on a new piece and it alone completely transforms a space. This wall unit took a blank wall and gave it the pop that it so desperately needed. Is  your TV dressed in a way that draws attention…… IN A GOOD WAY? Let us help you find the perfect addition to the space you have. The Designers at Habegger’s can guide you in the style, size and display.

For more ideas check out our website and watch our blog for sneak peaks of new items to come as well as tips you can apply to your home.



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