Smith Brothers of Berne is at it again….

It’s time again for Smith Brothers of Berne to add to their line up!

We are so honored to be the host of Smith Brothers of Berne 2015 fall market. This market comes around twice a year and each time our Fort Wayne location is closed for a week. (September 21-25)

 You may be wondering, why in the world would any retail store want to be closed for a week? Well, at this time we are able to change out our entire stock of upholstered furniture. This is done in order to make room for 100s of pieces of new inventory showcasing the new fabrics available from Smith Brothers. Dealers from across the nation have to travel to our store in order to view the new introductions made by Smith Brothers of Berne. These new introductions are not available to the others for several months after the show. 

Habegger Furniture’s clients are seeing the latest in styles and fabric trends days after they are introduced. 

Come on in and visit our stores, what a great way to stay on top of new styles and trends for your home. 

Follow our blog and share with your friends, let them in on the secret, as next week we will give you teasers of the new fabrics showcased. 


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