Move one step closer to a better nights sleep

Your master retreat  will not be complete without a mattress that allows you enjoy a perfect nights sleep. While it may seem that said mattress is something only found in a fairytale, we feel we have the perfect blend of options to help you find one that is ideal for you.

Searching out a mattress use to be a relatively easy task. However with the addition of so many new technologies, materials, and claims the waters are muddied and difficult to navigate. Below you will find information to help guide you on your search.

What are the top 4 signs you should be looking for a new mattress?

  • You wake up in the morning tired or achy.
  • You tend to sleep better at hotels than in your own bed.
  • Your mattress shows signs of wear, looks lumpy or saggy.
  • Your mattress is 7-10 year old

What should you look for when purchasing a new mattress?

At traditional mattress stores you may be given an overload of information that can make you want to run for the door. What it truly comes down to is comfort and support. The best mattress is purely subjective. What is best for one person may be the cause of aches for another. You must take the time try out different types of mattresses to get a feel for what works for your particular needs. The question then becomes is it comfortable to you, and is it giving you the support that you need? Your spine should be in proper alignment in any mattress that you consider. Have a trained eye distinguish if the support given is adequate. This will help you to narrow down your options between what “feels good” and what is right for you.

(Below you will see proper support, as well as what happens when a bed is too soft or too firm.)

What options will you find?

When looking for a new mattress the materials and technologies are what will give you the most differences in support and comfort. You will see beds representing  4 different groups

  • Innerspring-most common and often least expensive
  • Foam – memory foam and latex said to be best for those with neck and back pain because of how they support
  • Hybrid– a mix of technologies adding to either the comfort or support of each other
  • Air–  bed with air chamber able to be adjusted to  customize the level of support needed by each person.

Keep in mind that there is not a single bed that will be perfect for everyone…. despite the claims you may hear. Spend time and pay close attention to how you feel on each bed. It is recommended that 1/3 of each day be spent sleeping, and that time sets the tone for the hours we spend awake. Your sleep is truly worth the investment.

At Habegger Furniture we have the options you need to select a sleep surface that fits you best. With our showrooms representing mattresses from each major group and all on adjustable bases you can be sure to find the bed that was made for you. We can set you up for a restful sleep with pillows that only enhance the comfort of our mattress options. Stop in either of our great locations to see what you have been missing out on.




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